Oh the Places You'll Go

Welcome to the 3rd grade Research Pathfinder, Oh, The Places We'll Go! 

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 Here you will find wonderful print and non-print resources which can be used in your search to learn about interesting cities found around the world. The first section will provide books found in our library, the second section will provide websites, just click on the city and away you go!

Print Resources: 


The following series are located in our reference section:


New Reference Books in our Library! Enchanted in the World Series

SchoolCenter Picture  Focus Series

Other information books can be found in non-fiction:  945.0

Non-print Resources: 

Internet Resources:

Famous Cities in the United States:

Atlanta, Georgia

Atlantic City, New Jersey

Austin, Texas

Baltimore, Maryland

Boston, Massachusetts

Brooklyn, New York

Carson City, Nevada

Chicago, Illinois

Corpus Christi, Texas

Dallas, Texas

Denver, Colorado

Detroit, Michigan

Dover, Delaware

El Paso, Texas

Hollywood, California 

Los Angeles, California

Memphis, Tennessee

Miami, Florida

New Orleans, Louisiana

Newport, Rhode Island

New York, New York 

Orlando, Florida

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


San Diego, California

San Francisco, California

Famous Cities Around the World:

Athens, Greece  

Baghdad, Iraq

Barcelona, Spain

Cork, Ireland

Copenhagen, Denmark

Dublin, Ireland

Florence, Italy

Havana, Cuba

Hong Kong, China

London, England

Madrid, Spain

Mexico City, Mexico

Montreal, Canada

Moscow, Russia

Paris, France

Quebec, Canada

Rome, Italy

Tokyo, Japan

Toronto, Canada

Vatican City, Italy

Venice, Italy

Keywords:  "Name of City", "Name of State/Country


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