Library Rules

The Library Rules


1. No food, drink, or gum is allowed in the library.


2. Running and jumping are prohibited.

3. All materials are checked out at the front desk. Students are allowed to borrow materials for seven days. Materials may be renewed unless requested by another student. Students must have the book with them to renew it.

VHS, DVD and CD's may be taken out on Fridays.  Just bring a note in from a parent/guardian that it is okay, and return it on the following Monday.  We just added over 50 new tapes, and dvd's.   

 4. Library materials may be returned to the mailbox located outside the library entrance or returned in library class.


5. Students will NOT be assessed fines for books overdue. However, a student can NOT take out a another book until the book is found or replaced. Just a side note: In most cases these books are found at home in book cases or in the back of students desks.

Suggestion:  After children read the books at home, place back in the backpack.  That way you always know where the book is!



6. Children under the age of five must be supervised at all times by an adult.



7. Any books removed from the shelves must be returned to the exact location.  Students need to use the marker cards which will help them remember where the book returns.  Once a book is put in the wrong place, it is lost in libraryland.


1156/p201019670_341.gif8. All Chairs must be placed back under the tables before leaving and they must be left clean. No tables are to be moved from their spots.

9. No equipment, boxes or other items are to be placed in the library unless approved ahead of time by the school principal or school librarians.