Battle of the Books

Battle of the Books

2016 - 2017



Battle of the Books is a voluntary reading incentive program for students in grades 3 and up.  It is designed to encourage students to read good books and to have fun while competing with peers.  This year, we will have two programs.  Our "Battle of the Books" for grades 3 and up, and our Jr. Program for students in grades 2 and under called "Battle of the Books Jr."  

Battle of the Books

          Students in grades 3 and above will be given a list of books that they must read starting as soon as they sign up and must be completed by April 30th.  Students will read the books, discuss them, develop five questions about the books and compete in teams to answer questions based on those books in a "quiz show" format of Jeopardy. Games will begin in May.      

Requirements to participate 

·         To enter students will need to organize a team of two to five students from their classroom.

·         Each team will determine who will be responsible in reading which books.  They will determine their strategy on how to read the assigned books.  In the past some teams have read all the assigned books while other teams spilt the books up.  Students must come up with a "team name." 

·         After teams read each book, they will formulate five questions that might be used in battles against other teams from their grade.  All questions must begin with, "In which book,” so that the answer will always be the title of the book.   Students must fill out a specific question form they can get in the library or download on the library's page called "Battle of the Books".  (A copy is also attached to this letter).

·         Most battles will begin in May in library class or teams lunch/recess period.

·         Applications must be filled out by a parent or guardian and returned to me no later than September 30, 2013.  (Form attached at end of this letter)

Teams from each grade will battle in front of other grades (Kindergarten, first and second grade) in their library classes or lunch/recess period. At the conclusion of the Battles, awards and certificates will be given out in June followed by a party for all participants of the Battle of the Books and Battle of the Books Jr. programs.

·         Students must understand this is a serious commitment and no team will be allowed to battle unless they have a team of at least two and no more than five.  Once you join you must stick it out.  No quitting as it is not fair to other members in your team.

·         The library will have several copies of each book available for check out.   These books are also available at our local public libraries.  Books can also be ordered and reserved by BCCLS.   Just bring in your public library card from a New Jersey town, and I will order the books for your child.

Click here to fill out the online permission slip.  Please make sure you know your team members and the name of your team before you click on this link.

Battle of the Books Jr. 

Battle of the Books Jr. is back again for students in grades 2 and under that are reading on their own.  These students will be given a name of an author or genre each month.  New this year, students will be able to select from two or three reading levels of books including easy readers, first chapter books and more advanced fiction and nonfiction books) These books are located in the library and will be displayed in a special section of the library for the battlers.  Books can also be ordered to BCCLS.  Just send in the student's New Jersey public library card, and I will order the books for you.  Most of time children will be able to select from picture books, easy readers and chapter books. 


After they read the book they will fill out a worksheet where I will ask the questions to them such as the title of the book, the name of the main character or maybe I might ask the student to become an illustrator and draw a picture of a particular scene in a story.  Each month it will be different.  I will keep track of the books they read.  A chart has been set up in the library in which students may watch their progress.  At the end of school we will have a ceremony in the library and celebrate everyone's accomplishments.  Students will receive certificates of achievement.  This is a very informal program to generate excitement about reading and to prepare them for Battle of Books they may join in third grade.

Please fill out the application below.  If you have further questions, please contact me at 664-6364 or email (best) at  

Click here to fill out the online application

Thank you and good luck to all of you in the Battle of the Books!

Mrs. Starvaggi

School Library Media Specialist