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Chapter 13
1790 - 1860
The South
In this chapter, you will learn how the South developed an agricultural economy and how that economy was dependent on the labor of enslaved people.  You will also read about the role of slavery in Southern society.

Chapter 14
1815- 1850
New Movements in America
In this chapter, you will read about changes in American society and the goals of social reformers.  You will also learn about the leaders of social reform movements.

 Policies and Procedures
 Classwork Policy / Participation - Classwork and participation is 20% of your grade.  Coming to class organized, being respectful, prepared, actively involved and following class rules will help to determine this aspect of your grade.  A rubric will be completed and is available upon request.

Homework Policy - All homework is required to be neatly done.  Homework is 20% It is due the following class unless otherwise stated.  If you are absent, you will be given the equal number of days you were out to complete any missed assignments.  3 missed homework assignments warrant a call home.

PLEASE NOTE: The homework listed on this website may change during the course of the day or technological difficulties may prevent this website from being updated. If there is any discrepancy in the homework, please follow the homework written in your child's planner.

Quizzes / Tests/ Mini-projects - Throughout each chapter, quizzes, tests and mini-projects will be administered.  They are 20% of your grade.  Corrections are expected to be made on quizzes and tests.
** Any projects handed in late will receive 5 points off for each day that it is late.

Current Events - 20% / Geography Skills - 20% - Current Events  and Geography Skills will be included along with Homework
Evidence for current events and geography skills will be collected through Junior Scholastic and the 5 Themes of Geography that we will be working on throughout the year.

​** Extra help is available upon request.

 Grading Policy
 Homework - 20%
Tests/ Quizzes / Mini Projects - 20%
Current Events - 20%
Geography Skills - 20%
Participation - 20%

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