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 Welcome to 7B Pre-Algebra

 Grading Policies

Classwork/Participation Policy :  Classwork and textbook homework will be completed in your notebook.  Classwork and class participation will count as 20% of your grade.  Please click on the rubric below to see the criteria used for this portion of your grade.

Homework Policy : Homework will be given daily, with few exceptions.  Homework will be posted on the homework page every day and remain up for the week.  If the assignment is from your  textbook , you will be required to

  • Date your notebook page   
  • Include the page and problem numbers for the assignment
  • NEATLY  copy the problem  in your notebook 
  • Show all your work
  • Check your odd answers - mark each problem with a red check and make corrections if possible

If the assignment is a worksheet it will be available for download on the homework page, by date.  Your work is to be done NEATLY on the worksheet if there is room, or on looseleaf and stapled to the worksheet. All work must be shown to receive credit.  Homework will be collected or checked daily and counts as 20% of your final grade.  

Homework is graded, as per the criteria above:

  • complete -4pts,
  • didn't check answers - 2pts
  • incomplete - 1pt
  • no homework - 0pts.  

Homework may be submitted 1 day late with a 50% reduction in your grade for that assignment. NOTE:  If you are absent, you should see me to talk about making up missed work.  The homework will remain on the homework webpage for the entire week. There will be 3 homework passes built into your homework grade. Make sure you check the website daily.

Quizzes :  There will be a section "Quick Quiz" after every one or two sections. Quizzes count as 20% of your overall grade. There will be a weekly basic facts quiz every Monday.  

Chapter Tests :  There will be one Chapter Test at the end of every chapter. Test problems will primarily come from your homework and the Quick Quizzes. These will count as 40% of your grade. Tests will be announced at least 5-7 days in advance and we will spend  at least one day reviewing for all major tests.  If you are absent on the day of a test or quiz  you must see me the day you return to school to schedule a make-up. Remember, it is all about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY!!

Extra Help:  Every morning from 7:30-8:00 (find me in the faculty room) Weekly extra help to be determined.


 Final Exam Extra Credit

There will be 5 extra credit assignments attached here every chapter.  They will be added at the beginning of the chapter.  I will let you know when you should be able to complete the worksheets as we go through the chapter. They are due on the same day as the final cumulative test for that chapter. You will receive 1 point added to your test grade for every assignment you turn in for a total of 5 points.  These extra credit worksheets will also help you prepare for the test. You MUST show all work to receive credit! There will be reminders posted on the homework page well in advance. Come and see me early if you need help with the extra credit!!


**I strongly urge you to start extra credit early and come and see me or hand them in as you complete them so I can pick up on any errors you may have.



We will be using IXL for several types of problems.  Every week you will be given either a new or basic concept to complete using IXL.  This will serve as a refresher for concepts you have learned in previous years such as working with fractions, decimals and percents or an extra practice for newly learned concepts. These problems must be completed by the following Sunday night at 6pm.   You should aim to achieve a SmartScore of 100, however, you do not have to spend more than 20 minutes a week on the assigned problems. You can do this in one day or spread it out over the week. It is imperative that you log in for your score to be recorded. You should check your time in analytics!! I will check the reports weekly.

Homework/HSPT SSAT Helpers

Homework Help : The attached links provide some excellent video and/or visual instruction which students may use to reinforce a new concept or review something previously learned. It is like having a teacher in your home! is a website that I subscribe to and make available for my students. See the username and password below. Please email me with any questions.

UN: gscirocco       PW: sjaisthebest

Test Prep:  Links are also attached for HSPT and SSAT test prep sites.  Check them out and take as many practice tests as you can!!


Test-taking Strategies

There are several ways to approach taking standardized tests. You need to find the strategy that works best for you. I like to use a "Reverse Triage" (starting with the easiest) method as follows:

  2. Look over the whole test or section. This will reduce some of your natural anxiety as soon as you realize you REALLY do know some of the answers.
  3. Start at the beginning.  Do the easy ones first - As this is a timed test it will give you more time to spend on the more difficult problems.
  4. As you come to a difficult problem, if you can't solve it right away, find a way to mark it in your test booklet - a light star or circle and MOVE ON.
  5. **Be sure you answer the next question in the right spot on your answer sheet as these are usually a scan sheet and if you miss one, all the rest of your answers will be wrong.
  6. Go back to the circled ones and try to figure them out. Always be mindful of the time you have remaining.
  7. If time remains, go back over & review all the questions, even the easy ones.  Sometimes you will spot a common mistake.  Remember, the testing companies will use common mistakes in their answer choices.