Mrs. Loew


This month in:

Mrs. Loew’s 7th Grade

English Language Arts and Writing Class
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We are currently LOVING our new book The Giver By Lois Lowry. We have entered the world of dystopian literature and are busy exploring this genre. We will be conducting our own “Ceremony of Twelve” and writing acceptance or appeal letters depending on the job we have been assigned. We will be working on keeping a journal as we read and reflecting on topics and themes that are presented throughout the novel. 



In writing we are wrapping up our unit on Expository writing. We have really expanded our writing horizons and just completed our second published expository piece of writing. We learned about The Magic Three, Repetition for Effect, Personification, and Full Circle Endings and included them in our writing. We will begin a new unit on Persuasive Writing. We will practice using a graphic organizer to organize our opinions, opposing views, proof and defense. We will practice using counterclaim sentence starters in our writing to get accustomed to including opposing views in our persuasive writing pieces. Finally, we will learn how important our conclusion paragraph is in persuasive writing and leaving readers with a lasting impression. 



In Grammar we will begin

  1. Verbals
  2. Adverbs
  3. Conjunctions and Interjections
  4. Sentences
  5. Capitalization and Punctuation
  6. Diagramming


Important Reminders

1. Weekly Articles will continue into the new year. Each week there will be new directions given.
2. Spelling Tests are every other week on a Friday.
3. It is important to review and study Grammar notes given in class each day.


We are all selecting a dystopian literature book of our choice. In reading groups, we will meet weekly and discuss what is happening in the book and our thoughts and reactions. As a culminating project we will be making travel brochures based on the dystopian community each group read about.