Mrs. Graizzaro


Mrs. Graizzaro's Science 

Science Grading Policy

Class Participation* - 20%

Labs/Projects - 30%

Tests/Quizzes - 25%

Homework - 25%

*Class participation is determined by a rubric, which is available upon request.

**Please note that class participation grade is not included when the portal is open mid-semester
Tests are given at the end of every chapter and announced 1-2 weeks in advance.
Extra help is available every Wednesday upon request.

Biology.pngWeekly Labs 7th


Dogs and Turnips
Think like a scientist
Rubber Band variables

 Weekly 8th Grade Labs
Test your boat building skills
Compare paper towels

Homework will be assigned 3-4 nights a week. Homework is very important as it counts for a percentage of your report card grade.


Labs Report Layout

Lab Report Layout






Purpose: Gives the objective of the activity or the question you are trying to answer.

Materials: list ALL of them

Procedure: What are you going to do step by step?

Hypothesis: What do you predict will be the outcome? "Educated guess"

Results: Describe in detail what you observed happening during the lab. Include any tables or graphs. What do they mean? Explain your results (No less than 6 sentences in your own words).

Conclusion:Was your hypothesis correct? Why or why not? What have you learned from this experiment? Answer the "question" or purpose of the lab. What changes would you make next time?