6th Grade SCIENCE
 Mrs. Schroeder
 Tests & Quizzes
There will be a Quiz on the Digestive System on Thursday, May 30. Students need to know the entire diagram as well as the parts of their notes that we highlighted.

 Grading Policy
 Students need to get their test folders signed and returned the next day with their tests in the folders.

Grades are based on all assigned work.  This includes classwork, homework, quizzes, tests, labs and any classroom activities as well as class participation.  Group activities are graded on both individual performance and group performance.

Extra Help will be on Mondays beginning September 17th. Pick up will be at the flagpole doors. Please be prompt! If a student needs extra help and cannot come on that day, they can speak to me and we can make an additional arrangement.

Tests - 40%
Projects/Labs - 20%
HW - 20%
Class Participation - 20%

Please remind your student that when they have been absent, it is their responsibility to show the teachers the finished homework that they did while they were absent. It is not up to the teachers to track them down and constantly ask for the missed work. We would like them to be more responsible now that they are in Junior High.