Fifth Grade Summer

(You may download and print all information at the bottom of this page)
5Th Grade Summer Reading 2019:
During the summer months it is important to read as often as 
you can.  Whether it is at the beach or poolside, books are a wonderful way to let your imagination soar: it's also a great way to pass the time on a rainy afternoon!  Books can take you places that you can never imagine!  You are required to read 3 books, 1 required and 2 of your choice.
Required Book:  "Eleven" by Tom Rodgers (Project will be done as a class in September-No book report)

Book Report (see below) required for the following:

   ____ One fiction book of your choice

   ____ One non-fiction of your choice
              BOOK REPORT SAMPLE:     books

On a large 5 by 8 inch index card, (One card per book), write the following:



 Summary: (5-6 Sentences) This must begin with a "topic sentence."
The additional sentences are the supporting details related to the topic. The last sentence is the conclusion or opinion related to the topic. On a separate sheet of paper, please include an illustration of your favorite part of the book. Please paper clip your summaries to your illustrations or staple.

 Summer Math

Dear Class of 2022,

All students entering Grade 5 in September are required to complete the following 10 skills over the summer.  Students should practice these skills for a total of 30 minutes each.  You do not have to practice for 30 minutes at each sitting.  IXL will record all your minutes! Don’t forget to login to your account first. This will count as your first math quiz in September!! Please complete the summer math between June 20 and September 7.


D.1     Facts to 12

D.17   2 digit multiplied by 2 digit

D.23   Word problems

E.8    Divide larger numbers by 1 digit

E.9     Word problems

W.1    Open and closed figures

W.2    Is it a polygon?

W5      Parallel, perpendicular and intersecting lines

BB.1      Perimeter

BB.3   Area 

**These skills will be highlighted by yellow stars on the IXL webpage in case IXL decides to shift things around over the summer.  The stars will always be on the correct skill, even if the letter/number changes. Use your STUDENT ANALYTICS to check your progress and don't forget to put in your practice dates of 6/20-9/7.

In addition, students are also encouraged to practice the following skills and any other skills they wish from grades 4, 5 and 6.


U.1 – Adding decimals

U.2 – Subtracting decimals

Z.1 -  Acute, right, obtuse and straight angles

P.1 – Fractions Review

Sincerely in Christ

Mrs. Gayle Scirocco

K-8 Math Coordinator

7th & 8th Grade Mathematics

 Stationery Supplies - Grade 5

          The following is a list of supplies needed in September

  []  One 3" ring binder
  []  12 marble notebooks (no wire bound) for all major subjects & specials
  []  11 bottom pocket folders (with 3 ring holes to fit in binder)
  []  Pencils and erasable pens; blue or black pens
  []  Loose-leaf
  []  Ruler
  []  Scissors
  []  2 glue sticks
  []  Crayons, markers or colored pencils
  []  Art box or pencil case
  []  Paper towels for Art Class
  []  2 Boxes of wipes (1 for Art Class and 1 for classroom)
  []  2 + Boxes of tissues for our classroom
Please label all school items

**Homework planner - to be purchased in school

                               Thank you,
                                      Mrs. DiPaola    ​     

5Th Grade Summer Reading & Supply.pdf