Star Student


Star Student Information
Mrs. Kanter's Second Grade Class
    Soon our class will be featuring one student each full school week as the "Star Student". On Back-To-School Night parents will have an opportunity to sign his/her child up for one special week. Once the schedule is complete, I will send home a copy of everyone's scheduled week. It is an exciting week for your child especially since the "Star Student" will be given special privileges all week long:


Monday: The Star Student will bring to school and share his or her "Read All About Me" poster with the class. This will help the rest of the class become more acquainted with your child. After the Star Student shares the poster, it will be displayed in our classroom. (Don't worry- it is given back at the end of the Star's Week!) I send home a blank poster a week or two before it is your child's turn. Your child is free to use crayons, markers, stickers and whatever else he/she wants to complete the poster.

***The poster will need to be turned in completed to Mrs. Kanter on Monday.***
Tuesday: T
he Star Student will bring in ONE of his or her favorite picture books to read to the class (or have the teacher read to the class). I encourage students to practice reading the story aloud at home first.

Wednesday: The Star Student will need to bring in several (two or three) items from home to share with the rest of the class. Please help your child collect these special items from home to bring to school on Wednesday. Students are encouraged to choose items that have some sort of meaning rather than just a collection of toys. (For example, a shell from a special family vacation)
On Thursday from 9:00 - 9:15am the Star Student will invite a parent or other family member to come into our classroom with ONE book and read it to the class. The best time for the visit is on Thursday from 9:00-9:15am. However, if you need to pick another day/time during your child's special week please let me know ahead of time and I will make every effort to accommodate your request. Just a reminder, there is NO FOOD involved with Star Student.

Friday: The Star Student receives a Star Award Certificate and a free "Dog Ate My Homework" Pass.

***   The Star Student will also be the line leader for the entire week!   ***