PreK-4 Weekly Forecast

 PreK 4 Weekly Forecast

Illustration Of A Snowman.png

Theme: Polar Animals

Show and Tell:  A drawing of someone special to me

Letter of the week: U

Religion Lesson: God Always Loves Us

Math: Review


Each week we will be studying a new letter. Please help your child come to school each week with a word that begins with the Letter of the Week. You can write the word on paper or on an index card and put it in his/her folder.


Conferences will be January 16th & 17th. Dismissal for the students will be promptly at 11:00. There will be NO AFTERCARE for Pre K students on these days. A signup sheet will go out next week for each person to sign up for a 15 minute conference time slot.

There is NO SCHOOL ON January 20th for Martin Luther King Day. (over)

Questions to ask your little one:

What sound does J make? What words begin with J?

We learned about the 3 wise men that visited Baby Jesus. What gifts did they bring? What are their names?  We also smelled Frankincense and Myrrh. What did it smell like?

We are learning to rhyme! How do I make rhyming words? Hint…. Rhyming words have the same_____________.

What does it mean to hibernate? What animals hibernate? How do animals prepare to sleep all winter?

We have talked a lot about germs and how to stay “as germ free as possible”. What does soap do? What does hand sanitizer do? How did Mrs. Frank show us how germs spread? (Hint…. Flour?!?)