Reading is "FUN"damental to Miss Mastrangelo!

Reading is "FUN"damental to Miss Mastrangelo
Posted on 04/24/2018

For the past 5 years, Miss Noelle Mastrangelo has been a primary school teacher at SJA.  This year she is the third grade teacher for a happy bunch of eight year olds. We are pleased to announce that in the fall of 2018, Miss M will become our school’s reading specialist. She holds credentials in both special education and elementary education, and achieved a Master’s Degree in Special Ed with a concentration in reading instruction. In addition, Miss M is certified as an elementary reading specialist, and she is Orton-Gillingham certified as well.   Currently she is pursuing certification in the Wilson Reading Method.

Miss Mastrangelo has traveled extensively around the globe! Her most rewarding trip was to Ghana. In reflection she said, “The trip to Ghana was incredibly instrumental in my pursuit of a career that promotes the importance of reading. While volunteering in Ghana with World Teach, I participated in building a school library. I realized that the United States has many opportunities and resources for education while other places do not.  Reading applies to everything you need for school and life.”

Saint John’s Academy is grateful for the dedication and commitment to the SJA community that Miss Mastrangelo makes each and every day.

Miss Mastrangelo is also our Student Council moderator and an afterschool program teacher as well.