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Resources To Help Research:  
Developed for SJA Students

Our Garden State

NJ Map

Presentation Tools:

Need ideas to present
your work?

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Volcanoes &  Earthquakes  

Volcano model

 Mr. Popper's Penguins

Mr. Popper's Penguins

  The Chocolate Project

 Chocolate project

Art Smart

SchoolCenter Picture

 African Masks  

SchoolCenter Picture

The First Thanksgiving

SchoolCenter Picture


 SchoolCenter Picture

  50 States

SchoolCenter Picture 


SchoolCenter Picture

Updated 5/2011The Lemonade

SchoolCenter Picture

  Explore Authors!

SchoolCenter Picture

  Countries Around the World

SchoolCenter Picture

SchoolCenter Picture

Fairy Tale Pathfinder
fairy tale pictures small

 Plants as Medicine

SchoolCenter Picture


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 7th Grade Pathfinders

SchoolCenter Picture

  American History in Art 

American history photo 

  Updated 5/2011Bugs, Bugs and More Bugs!

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Blinking ladybug

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 The Lily's CrossingProject  

SchoolCenter Picture

Cricket in Times Square

3rd Grade Rocks!

An Inquiry Research Project
for 3rd Grade

 NJ in the Revolutionary 

 Biography Helper

magnifying glass

Oh, The Places We'll Go! A Research
Project for 3rd Grade!

Oh the Places You'll Go saying

      The Weather  

Click here for great resources on the weather.

A Collaborative Research
Project for 6th Grade


SchoolCenter Picture

The Five Themes  of 
A Review 

  Ready Reference Resources
SchoolCenter Picture

   NJ Wax Museum
Part 2

The Seven Wonders of Africa

SchoolCenter Picture 

 Kids Search Portals

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The New Jersey Wax Museum Project

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A 4th Grade Research Project

Science Fair Projects

Science Beaker

 Native American

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Hispanic Countries
 Around the World 

Our Ecosystems:  A Research Project for 5th Grade



Music Appreciation
Music notes

Simple Machines

 SchoolCenter Picture

Digital Literacy & Citizenship

NJ Counties


Subscripton Database

A great Resource
 Click here to see our new selection of databases.

for almost any topic!



Christmas silouhette 

 Rocks and Minerals
Colorful rocks and minerals
Tornadoes & Hurricanes