6th Grade Homework

*The homework listed on this website may change during the course of the day. If there is any discrepancy in the homework, please follow the homework written in your child's planner.
Please note that on the powerschool grading, if there is an indication that a student is "Missing" something, if it is not turned in, it will become a zero. Students are responsible for turning in the work that ​they missed from being absent. Students have until Friday, 5/25 to turn in the work. Plastic bottle caps - colored ones would be great!

Ruler And Calculator.pngMATH

5/21: No HW

5/22: Reteach/Skills WS and any classwork

5/23: Homework Practice WS both sides and unfinished classwork; IXL Z.1

5/24: No HW 

5/25: Reteach/Skills both sides due Wed.


5/21: No HW

5/22: Circulatory Sys. Crossword

5/23:Teen Newsweek article and questions
5/24: Teen Newsweek article and questions due

Language Arts​
 Please make sure you have a D.E.A.R. book, your Assignment Planner, and Pens (more than one) with you at all times. 

5/24          Cursive was due today, 5/24.  I did not receive all of them.  Typed final draft of Icarus essay is due next Tuesday, 5/29.  Icarus drawing is due tomorrow Friday, 5/25.  Spelling quiz will be next Wednesday, May 30.  Each student MUST have a copy of "Tuck Everlasting."
Religion- 6A

      5/24   Unit 4 Test is tomorrow Friday 5/25; Worksheets 69 and 70 handed out in class today are due tomorrow, 5/22.  Worksheet #73 due next Thursday, 5/31.  Do not do #4.
  Pages 151 and 154 are due on Tuesday, 5/29 in notebook.

Religion- 6B

5/21:WS due Thursday

5/24: p. 151 & 154 & Planning for Growth WS (do not do #4) due Thur. May31; Unit 4 Test tomorrow - study!!

5/25: No HW

Social Studies

  5/24    Current events was due Tuesday, May 22 for assigned students.
I still have NOT received all of them.  The topic is "Good News."  Please remember to write in complete sentences using blue or black ink.
This day in history  May 24, 1935: The Cincinnati Reds beat the Philadelphia Phillies 2-1 on this night in 1935 in Major League Baseball’s first-ever night game, played courtesy of recently installed lights at Crosley Field in Cincinnati.


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