6th Grade Homework

*The homework listed on this website may change during the course of the day. If there is any discrepancy in the homework, please follow the homework written in your child's planner.
Please note that on the powerschool grading, if there is an indication that a student is "Missing" something, if it is not turned in, it will become a zero. Students are responsible for turning in the work that ​they missed from being absent. Plastic bottle caps - colored ones only would be great!

Ruler And Calculator.pngMATH


10/15: pgs. 102-103 and Unit Review pgs 107-110 - all due Friday
10/16: No HW
10/17: No HW
10/18: No HW; posterboard in by tomorrow
10/19: 2 worksheets due Monday

TECH DESIGN: Catapult WS due Monday

Reminder: You MUST have a free-reading book with you at all times or you are considered unprepared for class and points will be deducted!

Language Arts​
Mrs. Loew

Illustration Of A Jack_o_lantern.png
Ms. Mastrangelo
Writer's Workshop 



Grammar-  Indirect Object Quiz Monday

All research envelopes must be completed by Monday.

Finish Chapter 8 Worksheet for Out of My Mind


Spelling Test Monday

Grammar WB P. 8 Ex. A (underline the verb, circle the direct object and write I.O. over the indirect object)

Finish reading Chapter 7 of Out of My Mind

***Writer's Workshop***
6A and 6B
Both Classes are working on their Pumpkin Patch Papers! 
Homework for week of October 9th: 
Students will continue to work on their rough drafts of the Pumpkin Patch Papers :) 
After each class meets this week the Final Published Copy is expected for next class! 

Religion- 6A


Religion- 6B

6/1: No HW
6/7: Quick Topics essays 2 & 3 due Monday

Social Studies-Mr. Curtin

  10/19       6B only: Please finish the Middle East Map started the other day.  I still have not received all of them.   Current events is due next Tuesday, October 23 for assigned students. The topic is "United States." Assigned students are to find an article about an event that recently took place in the United States that is NOT sports related, NOT entertainment related, and NOT too violent in nature. Please remember to write in complete sentences using blue or black ink.  Internet Project is due Friday, 10/26.  Please have a D.E.A.R. book with you at all times.  I am going to check and points will be deducted if you do not have a book!
This day in history  October 19, 1812: One month after Napoleon Bonaparte’s massive invading force entered a burning and deserted Moscow, the starving French army is forced to begin a hasty retreat out of Russia.



Spanish: Please see
Spanish Homepage
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