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8th Grade

SEMANA: 27 enero 2019

website: www.pearsonrealize.com
password: sjaspanish8


All MAKE-UP work is due by January 31, 2019 - check portal to see if you've missed anything!

Each student has his/her personal user ID to use when accessing the website. The hw is posted to your "class" and you access it through the website.  Make sure you check the class page of the website regularly to complete any homework.

7th Grade

SEMANA: 27 enero 2019

chapter 2B vocabulary copied into notebook. Ch 2B vocabulary worksheets (3)

Chapter 2B vocabulary recognition quiz = Friday February 8, 2019

6th Grade

SEMANA: 27 enero 2019

Categorize the vocabulary words (health) into the following categories:
 - illness/injury
 - health professionals
 - personal statements
 - cures