Language Arts

Writer's Workshop
Ms. Mastrangelo 

Updates:Students reading "Malala, She Dared" as we complete the book students will respond to different guiding questions 

 Language Arts- Mrs. Loew

 We are learning...


We are very busy learning about the Holocaust and preparing for our upcoming novel Number the Stars By Lois Lowry. In preparation of our Reading Unit on the Holocaust, we will be reading the picture book The Butterfly By Patricia Polacco, analyzing excerpts from Markus Zusak’s The Book Thief, and taking part in a Gallery Walk that analyzes major essential questions dealing with The Holocaust. During our study of our class novel of Number the Stars we will be focusing on the author’s use of symbolism, and figurative language all of which help contribute to deeper meaning. We will also be focusing on how characters change throughout the course of a novel.  In our study with Number the Stars we will also be incorporating Geography into our learning to visually understand where and why events in the story are taking place!


      In Grammar, we are focusing on pronouns and will eventually enter the world of verbs and verb tenses!

Reminders/Upcoming Events

1) We will pick up with Current Events later this month. Stay tuned!
2 )In February, students will be picking their own book to read. Students will then complete a “one pager” based on the book they selected to read.
3) Students in the 6th grade will also be working on writing their own Fairy Tale. Ms. M and Mrs. Loew are excited to read the creative stories the students create!

Important News

At the conclusion of our Holocaust Unit we will be learning how to write a formal research paper! Students will have the opportunity to pick one aspect of the Holocaust that they would like to learn more about!