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Welcome to Ms. Visvader's Art Page!

At Saint John's Academy, students will have the opportunity to use their creativity, problem solve, and express their emotions, in producing original works of art. Through these works of art, students will learn the sensory elements and formal principles of art and design.

Students will explore and learn to create with the tool and materials that artists use to
sculpt, sew, draw, paint, print, and create computer graphics. For each project, students
will imagine possibilities, explore alternatives, and reflect on their own as well as
 investigate others work. 

Some materials will include:

Some artists that we study:

Art Room Expectations: The Art Room is a classroom like any other- it's a place for your child to learn about and make art. My expectations for behavior, therefore are the same as those of any classroom teacher.

Students are expected to:

Follow the rules and procedures of the art room

Create/produce artwork to the best of their abilities

Learn, and have fun during the art making process.

Project Grade Guidelines: Art

O - 5

  • Always on task
  • Always Shows effort in craftsmanship
  • Always Participates in Clean up
  • Always Tries to best of ability
  • Always Follows Classroom guidelines

S - 4

  • Most of the time shows effort in craftsmanship
  • Most of the time participates in clean up
  • Shows effort most of the time
  • Most of the time follows classroom guidelines

I - 3

  • Sometimes on task uses class time poorly
  • Sometimes shows little effort in craftsmanship
  • Sometimes helps with clean up
  • Sometimes follows classroom guidelines

U -

  • Never on task
  • No effort
  • Lack of trying
  • Does not hand in project completed

Art Classroom Rules: "Artists Are"


-Use all materials carefully. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself. Clean up any spills or dropped items on the floor.


-Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Listen to your classmates and teacher while they are speaking. Raise your hand to share.


-Clean up after yourself. Always do your best! Be a team player and help your classmates.


-Have Fun! Work hard! Be proud of your work!

Look What's Happening in The Art Room!

Student Drawing and Painting Projects.

Student Sculpture Projects

 Bergen Catholic High School Art Show Winners from SJA!



SJA Fine Arts Show!

2018 Show Coming This May!

 Please be aware that we do get messy sometimes in the art room! Please send your child with a smock to keep inside their locker. An old apron, or even a large old t-shrt is perfect. While working in the art room we try to be as careful as possible, unfortunately accidents do happen.