Spanish (6-8) A Spanish 1 COURSE

¡Bienvenidos a Español!

SJA students take a World Language course as part of the core curriculum.  

Grade 6 meets for two periods a week and is geared towards preparing students for a high school level Spanish 1 course.  The course focuses on useful phrases and polite 
expressions, numbers, body parts, family, calendars, weather, time, pronunciation and colors.   Students learn to express their likes and dislikes and describe themselves and others in Spanish.  Students also learn about the history and culture of Spanish speaking countries like Mexico and Guatemala.

Grade 7 meets for three class periods per week and is the start of the Spanish 1 course.  The course focuses on how to conjugate regular verbs in the present tense, how to use prepositions, how to describe where things are, how to describe meals, how to use ordinal numbers and describe a school schedule.  Students also expand on using gustar to express likes and dislikes and how to describe themselves and others.  Students continue to learn about the history and culture of Spanish speaking countries.

Grade 8 meets for three class periods per week and continues the objectives of a Spanish 1 course.  Students learn to discuss leisure activities, use interrogatives and form questions, issue informal commands, use possessive and demonstrative pronouns and conjugate regular and irregular verbs in the present, present progressive and preterite tenses.  Students also enjoy a field trip to learn how to dance Salsa and Merengue as well as learn about the culture and traditions of Spanish speaking countries.

  Junior High students are expected to have a spanish/english dictionary as well as a 3 subject notebook with built in pockets to keep handouts.

Extra Help is always available as needed.
Please see Sra. Cabrera to arrange a time.