English/Language Arts

The English Language Arts curriculum at SJA is divided into five strands that compose the curriculum: reading, writing, language, speaking and listening, and handwriting. Curriculum and Instruction is through a Balanced Literacy Approach and is aligned with the Archdiocese of Newark Curriculum and the Common Core Standards.

SJA uses the Reading Streets Program published by Pearson as a framework in grades k-5. Throughout all grades, and especially in grades 5-8, teacher and student anchor texts from various genres are incorporated to deepen the students’ learning and enable the teacher to not only differentiate instruction but improve student engagement through a student-centered approach.

Various assessments include the Terra Nova’s, benchmark assessments, running records and fluency passages. Furthermore, students in grades k-4 are assessed individually using the Developmental Reading Assessment (DRA). When opportunities present themselves, teachers and students create cross-curricular performance assessments. This is especially evident in the upper grades (5-8) as the SJA faculty works tirelessly to form numerous interdisciplinary lessons between English Language Arts and other content areas.